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How to get started in triathlon

Thanks for reaching out my first post.

On this first post I need to explain how I see the debut on triathlon.

If you´re thinking about racing a triathlon:

  • You’re young, so young, and you can do the three sports easily but you want to give it a try.

  • You’re not so young and you’re trying to get some fitness. No specially good at any of the three sports.

  • You fancy a try because a lot of people do it.

Of course, there are so many more reasons. I just highlighted these 3 to let you know that there are so many ways to get started on triathlon.

This is how I started.

It was 2008, and we use to have fun once a year in a soccer tournament. But, as you may know, soccer is a painful sport when you get older, so we tried something different. That year, one of the guys raced IRONMAN Lanzarote. This is one of the hardest ironman on the planet. Hot, wind and hilly. So he pointed out that we could do a tri next year. So we did.

Garmin Barcelona Triatlon was my first ever multisport event, on the olimpic version. 1’5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run. Superfun, supereasy, and mark my life for the rest.

I was playing soccer, training 3 days a week and the game day, so run for me was OK. Bike was always indoor, in the gym, and right after the swim.

I remember myself preparing that olimpic event on my own.

I didn’t follow any guide, any coach, or even tried to find info on the internet. Just by the feeling of it. A regular week preparing the triathlon could be:

  • Monday. Rest day, just swim. Sunday used to be the game day, so I could be smoked by it.

  • Tuesday. Soccer training on the evening so a 45’ to 1h of indoor biking and some strength.

  • Wednesday. Long bike with some minutes pedaling hard. 1:30h max. Sometime warming up on the pool before.

  • Thursday was soccer training again. So swimming and that was it.

  • Friday bike and swim, easy days. Soccer practice on the evening.

  • Saturday was day off or quick run.

  • Sunday, game day.

I was in shape, so I just need to adapt my body to the another 2 sports. Not too much thinking.

I could hire somebody to plan my training but I didn’t need it at that time, but I can recommend it if you’re not fit, or if you’re planning to stay on triathlon or multisports.

Even my debut was not properly right. I should have started on the sprint distance.

If you are going to get started you take in consideration some aspects:

  1. Your current fitness

  2. The time you can manage to expend on it

  3. Your willing to conquer your objectives

If you’re not fit, don’t hurry the thing. Stay calm, feel the training, and follow the proper timing. I know you want to run really fast but think won’t happen overnight. Take it easy, one step at a time, and you will be able to build a solid core to achive goals.

Training should not be a stressful activity. I mean, we all have family or social life. I would love to skip some training because of it, and that shouldn’t be stop. And your coach shoudl understand the reality of your situation and modify and adapt you training to your life, and not the other way around. How many hours/days do you want to be training? Obviously, the sprint distance won’t take so much time as a half ironman, but it will take time.

And how bad you want to get a PR, how bad you want to finish a Half Ironman without walking? Do you really want to start in the triathlon? The motivation will be increasing after you complete week after week after week of training. And that motivation could change your goals.

I encourage you to get started and think about where you’re going to get started. Just how bad you want to be an triathlete, how bad you want to conquer your goals.

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